Natural and Organic

We believe that true and authentic beauty naturally unfolds from pure formulas and superior ingredients. This is why we start with bringing the purest botanicals directly to your skin. All of our products feature the finest natural ingredients sourced from international female collectives. No chemicals, no additives, no BS--just results.

Cruelty Free

Grounded in Ayurveda, we view beauty hand in hand with holistic wellness; we seek to nurture the mind, body and spirit as a pathway to inner and outer beauty. We believe in purity, we believe in love, and we believe in karma--this is why here is no animal testing at any point in the creation of our products. All our formulations are are 100% crafted with care--not cruelty.


We believe that plants can be powerful and that nature offers us everything we need to optimize our skin. This is why none of our products contain animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. All our formulations are 100% natural, vegan and crafted with love.


We believe in supporting our natural environment however we can. This is why all of our products feature 100% plant-based, sustainable ingredients and our packaging is made with recyclable materials wherever possible.

Female Founder

Mullein & Sparrow is a luxury vegan beauty line founded by certified holistic esthetician and herbalist Anit Hora. Not only is Anit a brilliant female entrepreneur and business leader, she is also a Tory Burch Fellow, Goldman Sachs Scholar, and 200-hour certified yoga teacher.

Made in the USA

All our products are crafted with care in New York. While we are small-batched in Brooklyn, our formulations are universal.