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LUMINARY | Radiance Enhancing Face Oil - M.S Skincare

LUMINARY | Radiance Enhancing Face Oil


Formerly Immortelle & Myrrh Serum

Activate profound radiance with a vital blend of oils known to naturally stimulate rapid resurfacing of skin. Skin renewing Immortelle and Carrot Seed oils are recognized for their luminosity-enhancing properties which promote even skin tone, fade blemishes and lessen the appearance of fine lines.  Vitamin C-rich Rosehip and brightening Sandalwood oil promote collagen and elastin for a deep, healthy glow. Balancing and highly potent, this skin-enhancing formula creates instant luminosity. 




High Performance natural ingredients that work in synergy to bring you REAL results.


Sustainability has remained an ongoing process and our initiatives have never been lost even through the evolution of our brand. We will continue to provide well-researched, transparent, and high-quality ingredients so that you know exactly what is going onto your skin. READ MORE